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Title: Dreams of a Phoenix
Fandom: Heroes and X-Men (movie/comics)
Pairings: Jean/Peter
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: AU for Heroes: Peter hasn’t blown up yet but Nathan has won the election. For X-Men it’s based on the comics but with information from the movie universe such as Jean being a doctor and the conference.
Summary: Peter is plagued by images of a fiery bird.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] fivebyfiction prompt Phoenix. You know, I wasn’t sure what I would do this prompt, but then BAM I had this idea and well I think I made myself fall for the pairing!
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Images of a beautiful red haired woman filled Peter Petrelli’s dreams and art. He couldn’t get her out of his head. With her beautiful dark green eyes and her long vibrant fiery red hair, she was stuck in his head and he had no clue who she was. It was driving him insane. He knew she was important, but even from his future inspired art work he couldn’t figure out how. He noticed that she was always followed by this large flamed Phoenix looking creature.

Weeks passed by as he tried to figure out who it was, until one day Nathan came by unexpectedly. Staring at all the art work, he looked over to him and smirked over to his brother. “I guess you have a crush on that Jean Grey girl, uh?”

“Jean Grey?” Peter whispered softly, liking the sound of her name. He glanced at his latest painting.

“Yeah… she’s a doctor that just spoke at a conference I was called to in Congress yesterday. She was against the Mutant Registration Act.” Nathan stated, glancing over to another image of her, this time with the Phoenix engulfing her body. “Is she one of us?”

Peter glanced at the same photo, before nodding. “Yeah… I think so.”

“Is she important?” Nathan asked, before glancing up at another image and cursed. “Is that her?!?!”

Peter looked to where Nathan was staring at. “Yeah… but that’s not Earth.”

“What is it then?” Nathan asked, glaring at the woman that looked like a Phoenix.

“An exploding star,” Peter stated, as he stared down at the image he had just drawn. It wasn’t an exploding star though… it was him – losing complete control over his powers. “She’s going to save the world.”



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