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Title: Not Property
Fandoms: High School Musical and Supernatural
Pairings: Sharpay/Dean & Sharpay/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Language.
Summary: Sharpay gets pissed off at the brothers.
Notes: Written for [info]bringthefate's birthday, and also written for [info]galorechallengeprompt Sharpay/Dean - fight. Happy be-lated Birthday!

“I refuse to do it.”

“What? Why?” Dean glanced over to him and pouted.

“Because we have a job to do just in case you forgot, Dean. And I really don’t feel comfortable doing anything until we finish the job.” Sharpay stated, smiling gratefully at Sam.

“We have jobs in other towns, and you guys don’t complain then…”

“Dean… we have a group of strong assed demons out there… We don’t have time to waste. We need keep our strength up and our minds undistracted.”

“Well that will be hard because I’m distracted and the only way to distract me is to-”

“We aren’t doing it, so forget it.”

“Focus on something else, Dean.” Sam stated to his brother, whom glared at him in return. Sharpay rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Fine, but she’s all mine after the job’s complete.”

“I’m not property guys!” Sharpay cut in, folding her arms against her chest in anger.

“Jerk,” Sam said directly towards Dean, ignoring what Sharpay said. Dean smirked.


“God, I swear you two are almost as bad as girls… can we continue the damn research now?”

“Hey!” Dean and Sam shouted in protest.

“Back to business… so what are we looking for again?”



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