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Title: Midterms Date
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairing: Alex/Justin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Incest. FutureFic.
Summary: After midterms... they always go on a date.
Notes: Written for [info]10_dates prompt School, [info]wowpdrabbles prompt School and [info]tv_100 prompt embrace. Somewhat inspired by the song Long Day by Matchbox Twenty.
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Alex's POV

During midterms, it was harder for us to get together… at least for the most part. Justin helped me study, really study all the work my teachers assigned my class to study while he studied for his own exams. We would take only a few breaks… but only when we couldn’t stand to be in each other’s companies any longer without someone kissing the other. I failed the most at keeping in control, but then again Justin was better at self-control then I was. One of the many reasons I both loved and hated about him.

Friday came finally, which would be our annual “Midterms Date” as I liked to call it. Since that day was usually the last day for all our testing, we always made plans that night to celebrate the week going by. Celebrate another semester of school over, and another week we survived as a couple.

Letting his arms wrap around me as I leaned my back against his chest as I half-listened to the movie that played in front of us in my room. We had long since came home from a small diner across town that we always celebrated our “Midterms Date”, and as tradition since we started to secretly date, we came up to my room quietly and started to watch a movie. I couldn’t remember the title though, as I felt Justin begin to kiss my neck.

A soft moan of pleasure found its way out of my mouth before I could control myself… and I thanked the heavens that he had caved a few years ago in starting a relationship with me.



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