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Title: He Doesn't, He Does
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Poison Ivy/Nightwing
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty. AU.
Summary: So why should she care if he didn’t love her?
Notes: Written for [info]bringthefate's birthday!! Sorry I got this posted so late!!! Please forgive me.

He doesn’t love you.

The thought hurt her more than she wanted it to. She shouldn’t want to feel love towards him. He was her enemy. All she needed was her plants and she could be happy. She was happy with her plants, and her off-again-on-again criminal career… she was happy to be friends with Harley. She didn’t mind Harley and anything else, except of course whenever she was in Arkham. But she can deal there because eventually she would get out of the place.

So why should she care if he didn’t love her?

What was the point of feeling hurt? It was her fault that she was the enemy… well for the most part anyway. Why should she feel hurt every time he and Oracle chick went out? Why the hell did she care for him? He didn’t care about her. She was the enemy, so he wouldn’t care about her.

Right? But then how come she cared?

How come she couldn’t get her mind off him? He was like a weed in her mind that wouldn’t go away even with all the times he left. Why did she have to welcome him in her bed whenever he came to her? She should make sure he never got out alive, but each and every time she tried to hurt him she couldn’t make herself to do so.

Why did he even come back?

She knew it wasn’t her using pheromones to manipulate him… she only did that to others to make they did what she wanted them to. She didn’t want to use them on him… she wanted him to love her on his own, with no help from her powers.

She shook her head mentally to get her thoughts away from the darker confusion she didn’t want right now. All she wanted was to be in his arms and relax and pretend to be loved by somebody until he would get up and leave again.

Maybe he loves you.

The thought sparks hope in her heart and she tried to quiet it, knowing it wasn’t true… he wouldn’t fall for a villain… he was the good guy and they never fell for girls like her. Trying to push away the hope didn’t work all that well… since she did feel loved and cared about in his arms after they make love.

He always leaves…

She thought as she tried to hold herself composed as his arms unattached themselves off her body. Cold settled in the spots his skin had blocked before, and she had to thank the heavens she was able to control her actions as she felt him leave the bed. She wanted to pull him back, force him to never leave the bed, never leave her arms. But she didn’t… couldn’t do it. She didn’t want to force him...

What was that?

The sound of the bathroom startled her… All the times before this one, he never once used her bathroom. He left soon after with the door banging as quietly as it could. He never stayed longer then an hour or two in her arms afterwards. When she felt the bed take in his weight as he shifted back into the bed and into her arms, she opened her eyes and stared at him in amazement. His smile was infectious and she couldn’t help but smile back. Hope filled her heart as he wrapped his arms back around her and silently went back to resting.

Maybe it is possible.



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