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Title: A Karaoke Date
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairings: Alex/Justin
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Incest (duh!).
Summary: Justin surprises Alex with a karaoke date.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] 10_dates prompt Surprise. Also inspired by the song One Ray of Sunlight by Phantom Planet.
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If I had one ray of sunlight to hold in my hand, maybe we can be happy again… maybe we can be happy again…” Alex sang along with the lyrics on the TV as her Justin cheered her on. She grinned towards him before looking over the crowd and bowed. Everyone clapped along with her brother and cheered for her as well.

Justin had surprised her just a half hour earlier with this “date” he thought would be fun and romantic. It was really fun, she’d actually didn’t have to pretend to be anyone besides Alex Russo on a date with her boyfriend. No one here knew she and Justin were brother and sister. No one here could judge them… at least not on who they could or could not date. On the romantic side of this date… they were able to have dinner by themselves with no worry that somebody they knew would come through the doors. Plus they could make out whenever they weren’t having a conversation or taking turns singing. Although to be truthful, she sang more then her brother tried to do so. Then again, he wasn’t as talented in that as she was in that department. But he was a very talented kisser.

“Thank you!” Alex said over the microphone to everyone who was clapping for her. She then walked towards where Justin was sitting.

“Hey… that was awesome. I really think you should consider being a singer,” Justin stated as she took her seat beside him. She let out a laugh as she heard the next person’s try at Ain’t Another Man by Christina Aguilera and at Justin’s statement.

“Yeah right… there is no way I’ll do that. I’m not that good. I think I’ll stick to being a fashion designer or editor of a magazine thanks.”

“Hey I think you are…”

“Yeah well I’m so not going on American Idol… and there is no way you can convince me to go.” Alex stated firmly with a wave of her hand. She hated that show.

“I wasn’t going to convince you to go on American Idol. I was just saying you’re good enough to win that.” Justin said with a grin.

“And how many other people that go on that show or try out to go on that show hear that in their life… and then gets their dreams blown to pieces by three people plus the rest of the country?” Alex asked rhetorically and Justin shrugged.

“I guess that’s true…” Justin took a sip of his soda and glanced over at the girl was currently singing. “I hope she’s not planning on trying out.”

Alex burst into giggles as she nodded in agreement. Justin grinned and leaned in closer to her, and Alex’s giggles disappeared as she too leaned in closer. Moving his arms around her, Justin pulled Alex’s lips up to meet his.



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