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Title: The Garden
Fandom: Medium
Pairings: Lee/Allison
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: none?
Summary: Allison dreams of the future...
Notes: Challenged by [livejournal.com profile] what_she_saw, prompt garden. Please note that I have ONLY seen Season 1 yet, I will hopefully see the other seasons soon. Anyway I instantly fell in love with Lee/Allison and of course Lee in his intro episode and since I've seen that episode I've wanted to write a L/A fic and was actually able to today! I hope you all enjoy it!

Allison walked in the garden with confusion before realizing she must be dreaming. The garden was beautiful, there was so many colors of different flowers. It seemed more like meadow of flowers then a garden from the amount of flowers she could see. Suddenly Ariel, Marie, and Bridgette were by her side and pulling her with them. Their moving was a slight blurry but she could make out that they were taking her to someone...

Lee Scanlon?

Allison stared up at him as her daughters let go of her, and he smiled down at her. She smiled as well, unable to form any questions her conscious wanted to ask.

“Mommy! Kiss him!” Ariel and Bridgette chanted loudly, pushing her closer to him. Allison blushed at the thought and glanced down at them. It was then that she realized that they were dressed in beautiful whitish pink dresses and both looked a bit older then they really were. Marie grinned up at Allison and clapped her hands in encouragement.

Lee brought Allison’s attention to him as he held her hands and as she stared up at him. Allison could practically feel the adoration and love radiating from him. She blushed as she stared up at his grinning face and looked down at herself… And found that her clothes had changed to a beautiful silky wedding dress.

Allison’s eyes snapped open as her alarm sounded. She quickly shut it off and looked to her side and found Joe still sleeping… Allison let out a deep breath she was holding, mentally telling herself that it was just a dream. Just a NORMAL dream…

Not that it worked very well in calming her nerves.

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