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Title: Misty’s Other Beloved Pokemon
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairings: Ash/Misty (hinted)
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Diamond & Pearl Episodes.
Summary: 5 Pokemon Misty loved besides her Water Pokemon.
Notes: Requested by [personal profile] brokengem , summary is the prompt. I can’t remember what other non-water pokemon Misty liked besides Pikachu & Togepi, so the rest is just my influences of course.

Pikachu was the first non-water Pokemon Misty ever liked. It was so adorable and independent. And she was really proud of Ash when he finally learned how to befriend Pikachu and treat it right.

And now? She could barely believe those two ever had a rough start. Those two were inseparable and cared for each other deeply.

She missed holding him and wished a thousand times that she could return to Ash’s side. Maybe not just for Pikachu, but she did miss the little Pokemon. She hoped Ash wasn’t training Pikachu too hard. Lots of training can be good, but breaks are needed to keep the balance. It was a good thing Brock went along with Ash again… or Ash’s other Pokemon would get tired and hungry.

Misty sighed as she glanced out the window of the Cerulean Gym, memories of past adventures flashing through her mind.

She fell in love with Togepi the first moment she saw it hatch, and apparently it returned her affections since it thought her as a mother. It was so little and adorable. She was really glad that it had chosen her to be it’s trainer. She usually liked a few non-Water Pokemon, but never with enough intensity like she did with Togepi.

Sometimes she really did feel like Togepi’s mother, and she didn’t mind that thought at all. It was nice change from what her younger self used to be like. Made her realize there was other things more important then being angry at everyone and it calmed me. She wondered if that was normal for becoming like mother-figure.

A tear rolled down her eyes as she spotted a book that Togepi had loved Misty reading it to it. She missed her little Togepi, but she was damn proud Togetic.

She loved Eevee… and not just because it could evolve into a Vaporeon. The fact that it could evolve into SEVEN different Pokemon was pretty awesome in it self. How often did that happen? Not often. Misty really adored each one of the Eevee evolutions, Vaporeon and Glaceon especially, but adored the other ones just as much.

Misty secretly wanted to own every evolution, and admired Sakura’s sisters and the fact that they were able that have most of the Eevee evolutions. She just adored Flareon’s red coat and Jolteon’s beautiful yellow and white coat.

Now if only I can catch one, Misty thought as she glanced through one of her sister’s magazines.

She adored Ash’s Cyndaquil as well. It reminded her of Togepi, and it warmed her heart when it finally grew stronger thanks to some training. She visited it often along with Ash’s other Pokemon whenever she was at Professor Oak’s lab or visiting Ash’s mother.

Besides its awesome battle skills, it was completely adorable. The little fire Pokemon definitely has a spot in her heart.

Even though Misty instantly fell in love with Ash’s Buizel and Dawn’s Piplup, Dawn’s Pachirisu was very easy to fall for as well. It was completely adorable and is highly entertaining. It was very energetic, which was both good and bad… mostly good though. Misty enjoyed the adored watching it battle, and knew with more training it could be really good.

“PACHIRISU! COME BACK HERE!” Misty let out a laugh as Dawn chased after her young Pokemon.



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